2-in-1 rope leash
2-in-1-rope leash

2 in 1 Rope Dog Leash

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Awesome 2 in 1 leash. There is Lots of hardware and its heavy, but man it cool. Choose from 2 color ropes and 3 colors of carabiners.

Ropes are Petzl™ brand 10.1mm climbing rope. 


The 2 ropes that extend to the dog are equal in length but vary depending on the total length that you choose.


You must lock your carabiners to ensure complete safety!


Customer Reviews

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Great Product

The 2 in 1 leash is my 2nd purchase from Tuenne and I’m as thrilled with this, as I am with the 1st. I have two young German Shepherds and this leash makes light work of walking them. The patented hardware is very strong and prevents tangling. I love the look of this product, the functionality, and the fact that I’m
constantly being complimented on it. I would highly recommend this product to anyone that has two dogs that are 35lbs or more and have some leash time.

Only leash our husky will walk on

This leash is amazing! We have a 4 year old golden retriever who does well on a leash and a 10 month old husky we adopted a few months ago who had never walked on a leash until we got her! Needless to say her leash manners suck and walking her with a regular leash is a nightmare! This 2 in 1 leash is literally magic. This leash is strong enough to withstand the inevitable squirrel sighting, and with our husky forced to walk next to her golden brother she has calmed down so much (I can actually walk them both with out fear of my arm being ripped out of its socket). We will never get another brand of leash for our pups Tuenne has won us over!


Absolutely love this 2 in 1 leash.

single and double leashes

Perfect in every way!