Peak Design Camera Strap Rope
Peak Design Camera Strap Rope

Peak Design™ Compatible Retrofit Kit

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For those people who already own a classic 2N strap and wish for conversion to the Peak Design™ Compatible Strap. This kit enables you to convert your 2N Strap over.  

  • Requires assembly
  • Does NOT include any Peak Design™ Hardware
  • Does NOT work with any of the STORM strap models.
  • Needlenose pliers required for peak anchor installation
  • Peak hardware can be found here:  CLICK HERE

This Kit Includes the Pair of Rope Ends necessary to make up one complete strap conversion.

Customer Reviews

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R. (Winchester, US)
Pricey but worth it if you already own a strap

I originally ordered the regular 2N strap without the peak design compatible end-points and a few days later decided to convert it with this retrofit kit (a costly decision). Make no mistake, this is an expensive kit and you’re much better off ordering the PD version of the 2N strap to begin with. In total I spent $80+ for the strap and retrofit kit whereas the PD version 2N strap is only ~$50-$60. My fault of course.

The 2N strap I originally had was 48” and after conversion measured about 53” end to end (with peak design hardware). This was a good thing for me since the original 48” length felt shorter than I preferred. Install was pretty straightforward since the tuenne end-pieces are just a few screws. The hardest part of the conversion is installing the PD plastic anchors (not included) onto the retrofit kit since it is a tight fit. You definitely need needlenose pliers for that part. Overall I’m really happy with the end result and quality even though I could have saved myself $20 just buying the PD version to begin with.

Gary Stoughton (Spokane, US)
Quality like none other

My Tuenne camera strap is awesome. Nice color and the fastening hardware is top notch. I wish I had been able to select the other attaching hardware on your site, it would have made things simpler. I also was confused and ordered an additional set of attachment hardware since I couldn't tell what I was going to receive based on the add itself. I now have a seperate set I can use to make another strap of find a fellow camera person and see if they like it.

C Holliday (Franklin, US)
Update to my Update

I inadvertently ran into a problem with the Peak Designs Retrofit kit when I ordered one and attempted to install it on my existing Tuenne Storm camera strap. Unbeknownst to me the two weren't compatible. While I didn't think that was made clear on the website, I do share some responsibility for not investigating further before ordering the product. Regardless, once the good folks at Tuenne realized my mistake they immediately offered to send me new strap which will be compatible with the retrofit kit. Thanks to Nicholas and the Tuenne team. Products are top notch, and now I know their customer service is as well.

John Torres (Corona, US)
Best I’ve had so far

Feels amazing.

Daniel Ploetz (Berlin, DE)
Gold and Black

Hi, you over there in America! It took a long time to get there, but it was worth the wait! Everything feels very high quality and looks very good! Really cool design and very hard-wearing !!!! Conclusion, that was not the last product I bought from you! You can have a look at my camera with your camera strap on instagram (# daniel.ploetz). Keep it up! Best regards from Berlin, Germany